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handmade paper as art & craft


Dear Visitor,

We're happy that you found our papermaking hill! Pictures and written text will document how we chose to fill our space and time, how kids, animals, plants and paper art keep us busy. Talking about space and time: we humans tend to measure both with landmarks in our lives, births and deaths of loved ones, journeys, sicknesses, falling in love, falling out of love, incisive moments altogether... For us - that is Natan and Catharina, with our children Anan and Laila - the most incisive landmark and literally tremendous experience was last year's big earthquake (August 24, 2016) in Central Italy, which we survived, physically unharmed, but which destroyed our home.

Now, nearly one year later, we perceive our lives as "before" and "after" the quake, or better, the many quakes that would follow. Maybe needless to say that this event caused inner and outer chaos, moving somewhere else (we were lucky finding a temporary home close to the destroyed one) and moving the household as much as it was possible. Certain things are lost, documents included, but the only structure surviving the quake is the papermaking studio...

We live here during the day, we create, eat, relax, tend to the garden with fruit and vegetables. The not knowing of the future - when will restructuring begin? How long will it take? - is not easy to digest.

Your visit, virtual or real, is a great support for our effort to rise above the rubble, thank you!

Paper making, printing the sheet
Paper making, waterjet drawing
Mustersammlung aus handgesch. Papier, Maulbeer, Baumwolle, Gras, Weizenstroh u.a..jpg

p a p e r

Unikatschmuck aus Baumwolle u. Hanffasern, eigene Technik.jpg

j e w e l l e r y

shadow box Bild, mixed media (handgesch. Papier, Stein, Vergoldung, Feder u.a.).jpg
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